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Modeling Methods in CATIA


New member
Four Ways to make your model by CATIA:
(1) Parametric Solid Modeling
(2) Parametric Surface Modeling
(3) Unparametric Freeform Surface Modeling
(4) Unparametric FreeForm Volume

Watch these four videos to see their difference...

Practically, we can mix these four skills together to form a model efficiently. For example, use #3/#4 to build big surfaces, draft the whole outlook, then use #2 to make details on surfaces, like filleting, blending & trimming, and finally use #1 to build internal mechanical features, like screw bosses & ribs. This is the reason why we can make a stylish, clean and editable detailed model so quickly.
hi Dickson,

I friended you on youtube the other day. good to meet you. We have some of the same tutorials.... I posted a spot on this forum for a claybake challenge. Hope you can participate. I think the board is in China too but i am not sure. take a look. Enlighten us further with Catia power!
Bart, nice to meet you.

i used ProE, unigraphics, catia, & solidworks before. For me, they look similar. Many design techniques can be applied on any one of them. I use Catia to demonstrate because the developer donated many licenses for us to use and provided great support. i have no intention to compare catia with others orsay it is the best. For me, it isjust a good tools. The most important thing is how we use the tools.

For the claybakeexercise, i will try bycatia.


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