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Modeling "challenge"

If you can get a vectorized PDF or Adobe Illustrator file of the logo you can convert the logo in Adobe Illustrator to a DXF or DWG. You can then import that DXF or DWG into Drawing Mode. Next export the drawing as IGES. Create a new part and import the IGES file. Create a sketch such that it is oriented so that you can see the imported graphics. You will notice that all splines are now polylines. (note: if somebody knows a option for exporting to IGES to keep splines as splines and not polylines that would be much appreciated) You will want to convert those polylines into splines to reduce the amount of entities by sketching splines that go through the endpoints of the polylines. Once you are done creating splines and copying edges save your section. You can now use this section for creating features in you model.


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