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ModelCheck vs. DesignQA



I've used both of these. I've used ModelCheck recently, and I used DesignQA about 3 years ago. I really liked DesignQA. ModelCheck, however, is cumbersome to configure, and it seems buggy once it's set up. Sometimes the layers/parameters, etc. update automatically, and sometimes they don't.

Whether you're an administrator or user, if you have had any experience with either of these two packages, how do you like them? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
We use ModelCheck with Pro/E & Intralink.

You're right about it being cumbersome - there are numerous config files, etc which define what checks are made...

We use it to make sure company templates are used (datums, axes, parameters) and round/chamfer/edge refs are kept to a minimum. It often annoys the users, who would prefer to finish quick, but they realise the benefits next time they try to modify the model. Better practice up front makes later changes easier. Parts with ModelCheck errors are not allowed into the Commonspace (in theory!).

I've got a page here:

which introduces the ModelCheck setup files, modes and the MC Administrator. This is a handy database program that helps analyse the user metrics. You can identify trends - common errors, how things change over time, etc..

Before using ModelCheck I was unsure how well it would work, but we've kept initial checks to a minimum to allow people to model. Later we'll add more checks to tighten things up a bit. It works OK & at least people know why the errors appear...


Yes ModelCheck is a pain to setup. It really works great for adding layers and parameters to older models. I have set it up to add the new layers and move things to these layers if needed it also deletes the extra layers. At first we ran a script file that would copy the config.sup and any other files that are needed to run these programs. This file also deleted any templates that came with ProE. In the config.sup it tells ProE where to find the company templates on the network drive. Then we installed Intralink. I had to edit the proe2001.bat to copy these files into there appropriate locations. The best thing to do is keep your files on the network drive. You keep a copy of the batch file there so you can access it when updating the other machines. The only thing I really care about is the default layers. Just set Modelcheck to return a warning for extra layers. Parameters will stop you from saving the model

if there is not a matching attribute in Intralink. Intralink adds parameters when you save but it really does not care about them, it will let you save the model. now the trouble I have is that ModelCheck will not set the layer properties or designate the parameters. Anybody have a clue?


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