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model tree.whats going on!!


New member
am just about to put wildfire on our unix system, but have loaded successfully, after alot of trying, put it on our window version as well.

why,oh why have ptc put the model tree inside the working window. is it possible to have it seperately. we have 26 monitors to use but this new navigation thingy is still blocking my working area.

PTC marketing have got alot to answer about this one


New member
sandoz90 :

How long have you been using Pro/E? The model tree has always been there. It is a pain, that's why I shut it off, except when I need it.

In 2000i2 they did move the model tree column options to a place that takes a while to find. This is one thing about PTC that REALLY buggs me! Why can't they leave things where they are? And, don't bother telling me that they want it to be like Windows so that new users can learn it faster. We current users need to maintain our productivity. Requiring retraining for nearly every new version is going to alinanate the base.

Don't get me wrong, I like Pro/E alot. JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. Fix the bugs.



New member
The model tree and stinking browser are a pain. In 2001 I display the model tree as a separate window. That way I can maximize the graphical area on one monitor and have the model tree, menu manager, Intralink browser, etc. display on the second monitor.

I usually have a browser window open but I sure don't want it inside Pro/E!

Bernie Hayden


Redmond, WA


New member
I think the key to the Model tree in Wildfire are the window shade controls. These are becoming very popular in Windows applications. They are the little left carrots on the border between the model tree and the model window which are used to open and close the model tree, maximizing the model window. A simple and quick, single click way to display or not display the model tree. To display the model tree in a separate window, set the option 'enable_tree_indep yes' and set it as a separate window in Tools > Customize Screen > Navigation Tabs. I think the window shade method is better.



New member
Thanks Don,

I've got the model tree back now as a separate window so I can slide it over to the second monitor. Now if I could only find a way to turn off the stinking browser and navigation pane (pain :+). What's the advantage to having the browser always consuming memory and screen space. I wish PTC had put the effort into just fixing the help files html so that you could resize the frame showing the index large enough to read the whole thing without having to use the scroll bars.

Imagine if all the software developers get the idea that it'd be too cool to have an embedded browser and file manager in their application. Then instead of three or four applications open at a time you'd have nine to twelve!

-Bernie Hayden-


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