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Model Transparency


New member

I want to make a solid model with some color applied transparent.I checked in the help but thru View>Display Settings>visibilty color was only getting lighter.

Any clues will be of great help.




view -> colour and appearance

then the "appeareance editor" opens up

in the properties window panel, select the advanced tab

then set the trasnparency


New member
after you getatrasnparency go to

view-> display settings->model display->shade tab->turn trasnparency to blended

then Your model will look cool


New member
Make sure the graphic card could handle using Blended instead of Stippled. If you have a big assembly up using Blended with transparency the assy could bog down and possibly crash, it happened to me a few times.


New member
Under View>Color and Appearance create a new material using the + icon on the right and then under Properties>Advanced (tab) slide the bar under Transparency from Opaque to Clear. That should create a material (with any color settings under the basic tab) that is now transparent. Make sure that the option under View>Display Settings>Model Display>Shade (tab)> the box under Enable for Transparency is checked.