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Model reverts to wire frame after every save command



Even though I have my model displayed as shaded, it seems as though every time I save my model, It actually blanks off the screen...then as I move my mouse over the model, each part of the model comes back into view, but as a wire frame model...

Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening???


New member
It could be your video card. I was having a similar problem with 2001 and WF until I upgraded to a wildcat card.

I was using a Ti4400 128 meg card before.


New member
Sounds like a graphics card and or graphics driver to me.

Insall the latest drivers and have a poke around some of the video settings.

Skuld ^_^


New member
I have the very same problem here at my job. In fact every machine I've worked on here does. I agree that it is most likely a graphic card issue. It doesn't seem to be a priority with our IT department though.


This happens to me to, but only occasionally. Like ProFishent, I also change to wireframe and back to shaded. I use 2001 (over several builds) with a FireGL 2 64MB video card.


New member
Look at the graphics setting in your If it's set to opengl try changing it to win32_gdi. This fixed a number of flakey graphics issues with my Matrox 400 card and I really don't notice any loss of speed.

Bernie Hayden



This is due to the kind of preview that Pro/E saves with the files.

It's not a big deal, really, but you can try different values of these values:

save_display- yes or no (I think no makes it revert to wireframe)

save_model_display - shading_low, shading_med, etc...



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