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Model Parameters


New member
If I use several user-defined parameters in my sheet metal part (inlbs_part_sheetmetal), should those parameters show up in my assembly (inlbs_asm_design)?

Steve C
Yes those parameters would be available but not at assembly level. If you click setup>parameters in your assembly, from the menu you have to click part and then select your part and then those parameters would be available.

Hope this helps you

Thanks, I guess my question should be: Do I need to have the same parameters in my 'inlbs_asm_design' that are in my 'inlbs_part_sheetmetal'? I'm working in Wildfire and I was able to see the parameters of my part file while in the drawing, I couldn't, however, add them to my parameters in the drawing.

And, while were on the subject, I have another question about parameters: I have a user defined parameter called Designed_By'. It is tracked by Ilink and it is in all three of my start_models. When I creat my part file I have to type in a name for 'Designed_By' and then when I add this part file (in this case I'm talking about a sheet metal part) to an assembly file so I can add PEM hardware, I have to, again, type a name for 'Designed_By' and then when I create the drawing for this assembly, I have to, again, type a name for 'Designed_By'. Am I doing something wrong here?

Steve C