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Model of a horse?


New member
one suggestion I've used when in a pickle such as this.

model a very crude horse shape, then apply a texture mapped to a JPEG of a horse. (if you don't know how to apply texture maps, I can explain that)


New member
you asked for it, you got it. here is a very CRUDE representation of Mr. Ed.

If this model doesn't have a horse in it, then the texture map didn't get saved correctly or something. if it don't work, i'll try again.



New member
Touche Brian. where do you get the evaluation version that you mention? It is capable of opening the files from those sites, then exporting them? Very cool, good idea.

I vote this the best tip I've scene on here for a long time.


>>Very few free models are as good as this one...

This can definitely be true... try to look at a thumbnail of these types of 'art' models before you waste your time on them. You can usually tell if it's going to be worth the effort by looking at the thumbnail, the file size, or even the number of 'triangles' (or tets) in the model. The more the merrier.

Actually, that horse model is pretty bumpy up close (it appears to be a laser scan of a toy).

-Brian Adkins