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Model animation and manipulation in web page


New member
Can anyone recommend a software package similar to IPA which allows me to view, animate, and move a model in a web page. I find IPA is very good, however it does not give me the option to interact with the model at its current position (every movement is a set motion from known location to known location )
Have you tried PTC's Design Animation package? Usually that's a given, but it's not mentioned in your question...

Also if you just want a model viewer for a web page without worrying about exploding and making custom animations, there are a few things you can do.

1) Export a VRML file from Pro/E and use a browser plug-in such as Cosmos to view VRML files. (free)

2) Use ProductView Express from PTC. (free)

3) Spinfire by Actify ( ). This is a very cool & powerful Pro/E viewer/Markup tool. (not free)


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