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Missing parts while importing CREO project in SOLIDWORKS


New member

Could you help me?

I'm trying to import a customer assembly in SOLIDWORKS, but some parts are missing.

I tried to duplicate/mirror/pattern those parts, and then, those instances appears on SOLIDWORKS, but the original does not.

I've deleted all references and shown all layers.

Are there other options I should check to solve this problem?

Sorry, I can't share the assembly

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best Regards



New member
Is there a problem with just this assembly? Have you tried importing other projects from Creo to Solidworks?


New member
This issue is file-specific. I only have detected it in two big assemblies. I don't know if more of my assemblies are affected.

If I replace the affected parts/subassemblies in CREO by another visible part, the new component is lost while importing in SW.


New member
I'm not a pro in troubleshooting stuff but I'd try to reinstall or install the latest possible versions I could.