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missing folders after serverchange


New member
after intralink becoming more an more slowly/buggy. We decided to move dataserver/fileserver/vault to a new server. After a clean install and importing the dumpfile only 3/4 of the folders show in commonspace on the new server. what can be wrong?was our vaultfile to big(and did we have trouble also because of this before transferring)? how big should a vaultfile become before setting it to read only and make a newone? any suggestions to get all our data over to the new server.


New member
The info about folders is from the dumpfile. Did you get any error when importing the dumpfile. Be sure the tablespaces are big enougth before you import the dumpfile.

Maybe the dumpfile is nor good. Try to import a dumpfile that is one day older.

Do not let the users work on the new system before you have fix the problem with the missing folders.