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New member

does any one knows about these topics in pro e 2001

pls help

1. Family table can be created for Skeleton models?

2 How to create Skeleton.prt?

3. A graph view can be added in the drawing view?

4 Autocad drawing can be used for creating a layout.?

5. Cosmetic feature can be patterned using which of the following options. Tick which ever applicable.




6. Skeleton models can be created anywhere in the model tree.?

7. What is the use of envelopes ?

8 What is the difference between Quick fix and Fix model in the resolve Menu?

9. What are different types of dimensional pattern and the difference between them?

10. Cosmetic sketch can be erased by which method in drawing?

11. How can a layer be defined so that a particular feature type is only added to it automatically

12. After performing a File, Save As, what is the current object?

13. What is the difference between sketch point and Axis point.

14. If a drawing view is added with the


New member
it is diificult to answer all of your quetion in the forum.

my suggestion is look in the html help provided by the ptc along with the software.

then come out with few of your difficulties or queries which could be feasible to answer here


New member
These look like questions from the Proficiency Evaluator Test!

Like gurveen said do some searching for each answer in these forums. Then ask more specific questions, one at a time so they can be concentrated on and addressed correctly!