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Mirroring part features


New member
Hello all,

I have a situation in that I have a part which goes on one side of an assembly and the part on the other side is a mirror of the original. Does anyone know of a way that I can mirror the original part to create the new part, but then get rid of the old part so I don't have both parts in the same file? I have done the <copy><mirror><all features><independent> picks but am not able to break the tie between the old and new parts.

Any information will be helpful.
In an assembly, do this


Select mirror, enter a name for the new part, click OK.

Select the part to be mirrored, then the plane to mirror it about.

Open that new part and save it.

If you want to delete the original from the assembly, you can but the copy will be deleted also due to a parent-child relationship, but because that part is saved you can go back and assemble just the copy.

Alternately you could create this mirrored part in a dummy assembly file and simply delete it after saving the new part. Then assemble the new part in the desired assembly and either one could be removed independently of the other.
Almost ever I have to do this. I do as follow:

If you are using the version 2001 - Open a new part, Choice Insert > Data Shared > Inheritance. After make mirror geom, and cut the original part. You will have created a mirror part and You keep using parent/child relation.

Else you are using version 2000i2 or before - Use de MERGE command in Assembly, so you will create a relation between the files, after do the same way before.


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