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mirror assembly missing.


New member
hi everybody,

I have a brake asm which is rh side and I need lh side of the same . As usual I have made dummy asm and assmbled rh asm and created lh asm by using create sub asm mirror .

But my problem is that some of the components are missing after cretion of mirror asm

and in message info it is showing MIRROR COMPONENT XXX.PRT CREATION ABORTED

Can any body tell me why this is happening ?

Thanks & Regards

if you are mirroring the part and u use copy. it will not work if other part have external refs. instead use reference as the mirror function
Hi Everybody...

I have a similar problem... i have a mould design which has my split assembly as a sub-assembly when i mirror it ask me for the the new names...

which i designate just using the default...

after the mirror is complete all the mirrored parts are there except the sub assembly of my split...

i do have other sub assemblies and they mirror no problem...

i have no idea why its not working

please help




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