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Mirror A Part WITH History


New member
Does anyone know of a way to mirror a part, creating a seperate part WITH history? Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

Thanks for the timely reply, xcad. Basically I would like to mirror a part feature by feature so the new part's model tree is identical to the reference part's model tree. (As opposed to the new part's model tree only containing a merge feature) This way if the parts, which are now mirror images of each other, need to change with respect to each other, it is not a catastrophe. Thanks again for your help.

Well, I am trying to get an answer on a question which was raised 2 years ago..Shame on me!!
Anyways, better late than never..
Mike, did you get any replies on this or you did u come up with any better solutions? I am in a pretty similar situation, I need to have an RH & LH part both with history. I am using wildfire 1.0 (M150).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks people.
This may be a solution:

1-Create all features of the RH part

2-Create empty LH part

3-Copy all features from RH into LH using Inheritence feature

4-In LH part copy solid surface of the part

5-Mirror the copied surface using the plan of the symetry

6-Turn mirrored quilt into protrusion

7-Cut the right side of the part

In the LH Part you will have all features of which you can change dimensions independently from RH.However you cannot change the dimensioning scheme or references independantly.

In 2001, select Feature, copy, Mirror, independant. Highlight select and then pick all features within the model tree. Once all features that you wish to copy have been highlighted select done. You then need to select a datum plane to mirror from. Once the mirror is complete it will show up as a group copy on the model tree. This feature can be opened and each feature individually modified as necessary. (It will contain its own complete history)

Hope this helps..

This is a great way to mirror a part in an assy without leaving any outside references.

Create a new assy, then assy the part you want to mirror into the assy. Mirror the part about its OWN datum plane (NOT one of the default datums of the assy) this will gaurantee the absence of potentionally harmful relationships b/w other parts and assy's.

Once you created a new assy and assy'd the part to be mirrored into the assy click Create, Part, give it a part name, mirror, copy, select the part to mirror, then select a datum to mirror about, the new part will be created in assy.

Call up the part in a seperate window and save it. After you saved the NEW PART blow the assy away, this will break all the relations to the original part.

Remember to mirror about one of the datums of the original part, not an assy datum and also do not save the assy.


IN wildfire 2.0

create an assembly and add the part you want to mirror

Select insert>componet>create >part>mirror

Now pick the COPY radio button.

Pick the part, thena plane and you now have a complete mirrored part with full model tree features.

Open the part and save it.

Delete the assembly, no references and a clean model.

This also works with sub assemblies now
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