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Minor but important (to me).


New member

How do you create (in WF) a datum plane going through an edge (axis) and making a solid angle with another plane.

I tried, I picked up the edge and then I referenced a plane; it goes (very intelligently, not) straight into a parallel position with the plane I just referenced.

Is this an improvement in productivity?

I need to learn new idiosyncrasies?


When you pick the edge(axis) then pick the plane while holding the ctrl key down and you will get the required plane.

Creating datums is vastly superior in WF compared to previous versions of the software. The selection algorithms conform closer to Microsoft standards. As Israr points out, use <Ctrl> to select multiple references.

Also, the autocompletion algorithm increases efficiency -- select the references first, then select the datum icon, and WF creates the datum without even opening a dialog box (provided enough references are selected). This is referred to as the object-action and lead methodologies.

If WF doesn't use the references as you intended (for example, you wanted to be at an angle to the plane instead of offset from it), you can Edit Definition (easiest from right mouse button functionality), and on the References tab, change how the reference is being used.
send me an email i have a good tutorial to send to you about creating datum features in proe wf

You may want to try and attend this PTC webcast:

Datum Creation

Advanced Modeling techniques through the use of Datums. Topics Covered: Creation and use of Datum Planes, Axes, Points, CSYS, Datum Analysis Features and Advanced Datum creation (Evaluate, Reference, Ribbon, Graph, Offset).

Friday, April 23, 2004, 2:00 PM
What is the point of these webcasts? I can never take advantage of them because I don't have any sound on my workstation. Besides, being scheduled for a specific time with a limited number of people able to connect isn't very versitile. Every webcast from now to June 25 is full. Why don't they just make tutorials we can down load and watch at our leisure?
dr_gallup, you don't get the sound from your computer, you dial in and listen via telephone. That way you can ask questions after the webcast.

I've done a few and they're a good tool. I even was the ONLY participant, once, and got to talk one-on-one with the instructor.

Steve C
Got in trouble again, folks !

How do I create a surface in WF before any other entity is created( assume the reference planes are there).

How do I create a surface after a protrusion is created?


I think you haven't gone through the WF update manual.

You can download it from PTC website if you are on their maintenance list.



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