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minimize retract???


New member
What type of milling sequence are you using. Do you have any clearance problems. If you use trajectory milling sequence you can do just about anything you like. Please give more details.


New member
You can reduce the number of retracts by connecting the cut lines. It is done with the cut option parameter lace_option. Lace_option should be set to curve_connect or one of the other connect options. Different parameters appear for different cut types (surface machine, etc) so you may need to also experiment with scan_type, cutline_type, cut_type and cut_direction. Disconnected trajectories, etc will still produce retracts.


New member
i use roughing milling sequence, and i want the tool not retract until the process finish, what should i do? :) thx for your help. anyone know where i can find tutorial for Vericut, not on the PTC site ?