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mill/turn post for mori seiki


New member
Hi all forum members,

I'm looking for a Mill/turn post for a Mori seiki with Y axis. I've been working onone for days now but it's still not right. Anyone has one and want to trade? i have a well tailored 3 axis mill post for a 16i fanuc. if anyone is interested in helping this is the problem i have right now.

1. for the turning tools the offset nomber is missing. This is what i have T0100, should be T0101.

2. for the live tools, they are completely missing.

this is what i have in the fil file.


$$ check if Offset number programmed

$$ if not default to tool number

TNUM=POSTF(7,4) $$ tool number

NPAR=POSTF(5) $$ number of parameters in the CL record


$$ Only TURRET / tnum was programmed

DMY=POSTF(12,5) $$ set number of parameters to 5

DMY=POSTF(10,5,TNUM) $$ set offset number (parameter 5) to TNUM


DMY=POSTF(13) $$ process record modified or not


Any help is greatly appreciated.
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New member
If you are interested, we can help you develop your post.

At BRT, we have a team of ex PTC MFG consultants that only do that day in and day out.

Obviously there is a cost associated to it, but you may find that by
outsourcing the post developement, you may be able to save time and
money in the long run as well as we provide post maintenance for any
future modification or update you would like to add to the post.

If you do not mind working with a third party, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,


New member
Yes i'm interested in your service. Do you have an email address so i can shoot you an email to explain what i need?


New member
These replies to this guys posts are not what we want in here. If we wanted VAR's or other people hocking services we would contact ptc etc. Some of us have dumped VAR's and ptc services and are helping each other out without help from people like the ones that replied to pronc. We all know people that can build us a post, if anybody out there wants to swap posts I have some for horizontal posts with forth axis indexing that I have paid for and I will send them to people who need them. Thats how this is supposed to work.



New member
I have a post for an Okuma that reguires the same syntax (T0101) for the tool change and offset. Take a look at this and see if it will work in your post.

At the begining of the post you will need:

TNUM=0$$ Current tool
CT=POSTF(1,3,1358)$$ R register address

For the turret you will need:

$$ check if Offset number programmed
$$ if not default to tool number
TNUM=POSTF(7,4)$$get tool number
NPAR=POSTF(5)$$ number of parameters in the CL record
IF (NPAR.EQ.4) THEN $$ Only TURRET / tnum was programmed
ONUM=TNUM $$make offset# same as tool#
TNUM2=TEXT/CONVF,TNUM,2,0,0,1,1 $$define number syntax

then to cancel the offset (T0100) I have this:

INSERT/' G0 X20. Z20. T'TNUM2,'00$'

This works for me. Good luck