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Migrating from Win to Apple – Mac OS

There is no Pro/E for Mac (OSX or otherwise).

You'll be happy with Mac if you do a lot of multimedia stuff (Photoshop, NL Video Editing, etc.), but it is not an engineering software platform by any means.

The last time I used a Mac was back in college doing FEA using Cosmos/M, but I think they are just Windows, now.

There is a lot of engineering software that is either available for Unix, or is being migrated to Linux (Pro/E included). Since the Mac OSX is based on BSD (Unix flavor), I guess there is some sliver of hope that the Pro/E code could conceivably be compiled for OSX at some point in the future.

-Brian Adkins
We run pro concept on a Mac but I havent heard of running pro-e on one.

Its hard enough to get pro-e to run on a pc sometimes so I hope they dont waste development time porting to another OS.

As far as getting a discount for switching to another OS is concerned, you can have whatever version you want as long as you are paying maintenance.


You may be able to run a UNIX copy of Pro/E under X11, an X-Windows UNIX interface within OSX Panther (Check out As I haven't operated any UNIX software in more than ten years, I can offer no further help there.

What I can tell you is that OSX communicates seamlessly with Windows file sharing using SMB protocol. At home, I have a five computer network with machines running Windows 2000, Windows 98SE, Mac OSX Panther, Mac OSX Jaguar and Mac OS 8.6. Jaguar is less reliable in PC to Mac connections, but Panther is clean and smooth and dead reliable in both directions.

To make file sharing easier still, I would recommend the puchase of an NAS, a Network Attached Server. They connect to your existing ethernet network and can be controlled (with the right address and password) by web browsers on any machine. The NAS is a full time, always available, hard drive that can be shared by any computer on the network regardless of platform, so one doesn't need to run multiple computers to share a common volume. Those that support the following protocols of TCP/IP, SMB/CIFS, AppleTalk, FTP, HTTP & DHCP are available from:


LaCie (
I don't think you stand a chance of getting Pro/E to run on a Mac under OSX. The processor is a Power PC. Your closest supported platform would be the IBM AIX OS. You can get PTC to send you a CD or download the code directly but I doubt it will run. Good luck.

You asked PS Can I use WIN XP 64 bit on G5? If I remember Apple have 64-bit machine (at least G4 end G5)!

No, there is no compatability between the Windows and Mac products other than file sharing capabilities.
You do understand that a PC is completely different from a Mac - don't you??

You can't run windows on a mac - It's like trying to use an airplane as a submarine...

Okay - well maybe there are some patches out there that allow you to load windows - but isn't that counteractive for why you bought a mac???
You do understand that a PC is completely different from a Mac - don't you??

I dont think thats what he or the article is saying. They want it ported to a make not to run it in VPC or windows on a mac.

They have already done it with pro concept.

The problem is that if they start porting to another os they will have less time to develop the windows version.