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Metric/English Conversion on the Fly


New member
I'm posting this, again, in this forum for hopefully more people to see. To me, this should already be there.

Is it possible to convert to metric values on the fly? I want to enter, in a family table or anywhere else, 'mm(10)' in a length row or as a value and have it converted to 10mm. The same would hole true for going the other direction.

What are you users doing now when this comes up?

Steve C
I think what Steve is looking for is something like the functionallity SolidWorks has had for years where you type in a string like 10mm and it automaticly converts the number to milimeters (or if you're in metric you can type in 5in and it will interprete it as 5 inches). It's pretty slick if you're in a world where you are forced to switch back and forth.

I'm still looking for a way to have both metric and english fasteners in the hole table. Anyone pull that off?

Bernie Hayden

I don't think it is possible in a family table, have never tried it, but you can create a parameter and use that parameter to do your conversion. Example would be I had a drawing in inches and wanted my new drawing to be in mm. I would create a parameter C which would equal 25.4 and do the input by utilizing C. Just as easy to type 25.4 :). 0.03937 is a little more feasible.