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Meshing Assemblies


New member
Hi All,

I am having difficulty in volume meshing an assembly in Wildfire 2.0 mechanica mode. I can mesh each part individually, but when they are brought together in an assembly, one of the parts fails to mesh; it appears as only a wireframe. I've tried meshing after each part is imported, and it works fine for two parts. However, when the third part is brought in, the problems start. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Active member
There are so many reasons for the meshing problems in assembly mode. First of all there must be no interference as well as no clearance. If clearence is a requirement thencontact/gap must be defined.

If the part is a prismatic member then it is best to define itby idealizations, but mixed elemnts (solid + idealized) is a challenging problem.

I can better help you if you send me your assembly.

[email protected]



New member
Thanks for the reply, Israr.

Unfortunately, I cannot send you on the assembly filebecause of confidentiality issues. However, here is the screen shot of the assembly.

View attachment 863

The volume mesh generates for two parts of the car mirror, but not for the case. I am pretty sure that the parts are connected together properly. As you can see, the case has complex geometry with curved surfaces and interlinked ribs. Perhaps, as you said, idealizations would be a better solution here?


New member

Just managed to sort the problem. All I had to do was select "Component Volumes" in the AutoGEM References, select one part and click create. Then I selected another componentand created a mesh for that. I continued doing this part by part until the whole assembly was meshed.