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Menu Mapper is lame


New member
So I'm spinning my wheels trying to learn the vagrancies of WtF. Menu Mapper is suppose to tell me where they're move everything around to in order to increase my productivity. You'd think maybe they'd have a direct link to Menu Mapper under Help? Of course not. First you get to go to Help Center which splashes a browser window across your monitor and then click on the Menu Mapper link that slaps yet another browser window up. That's three now if you count the built in one (but that's a separate rant).

So, what happened to #Setup > #Parameters? According to Menu Mapper for Set UpThere are no changes for this feature except for its menu location. Please see the help topics for additional information on this feature. But gone is the option to open the Parameters dialog box.

So in the Interactive Enhancements Window (browser number four, but who's counting) I find, A new Database Params option has been added to the list of types of information that can be displayed in the Model Tree. By selecting this option (Settings - Tree Columns from the Model Tree), you can show important PDM information for the models in session. So now you have to expand your model tree to access all your parameters? And you can't even block select a range with Shift(or clt) Clicking. Each one is individually selected. Then there's no auto setting of column width (shift click on the column heading) and it appears no way to turn off the parameter display except by individually selecting each column.

Now I know you can still access Parameters under the Tools pull down but that's back to the one at a time Menu Manager interface (you know, the one they eliminated in Wtf ).

Did anybody that does CAD for a living have any input on this release??

Bernie Hayden



New member
Add to the previous rant the there's no help at all for the #File pull down. I was wondering if #File > #Replace was gone or just moved. Found it under #Edit. I can sort of see why they'd move it there. OTOH, it makes perfect sense to have it under the File menu. Seems they just willy nilly moved some stuff around to make it look like they were improving the software. Regardless of where is ends up they sould have included the info in Menu Mapper so you don't have to wonder if you're looking for something that doesn't exist.

Haven't decided yet if WtF has enough benifit to warrant the change from 2001 but for all the hype about the extensive work on the UI and software testing it has all the fit and finish of an early Beta. Really cuts into the credibility I give PTC for claims of what's in the works.



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