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Menu Manager

Den E

Is there any way to force your menu manager to stay on top at all times. I like to run Pro/E using a full screen, and when I am in assembly mode, the menu manager disapperars under the window after I finish assembling a component. Then I have to activate the window to get the menu manager back up.
Hello proe user

There is no way to force menu manager always to be activated itself, but i can't see where the problem is.

If you have activated the mapkey for this function, you just have to click on it

Sometimes we must go with proe commands, this is what PTC wants.

Some commands are strange and difficult in their use (for example rotational pattern, etc), but there is nothing to do about it.


Things like that can be annoying in Pro/E. I don't know of a way to force the menu manager to stay on top, but I have a suggestion you may find useful.

The shortcut to clicking Windows->activate, is Ctrl+A. I use the Ctrl button on the left side of the keyboard for spin, pan, and zoom already, so my left hand is usually close to the Ctrl button already. So hold Ctrl and stretch one finger up the short distance to the A. Using this is much faster than clicking. The same goes for cut(Ctrl+X), copy(Ctrl+C), and paste(Ctrl+V) for text.


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