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menu done locations

keith faskin

New member
do you remember in 19 in assembly mode modify done done done done all in the same place and then hit regenerate in the same mouse click position; what are they doing? to do any feature you have to move your mouse around the screen left right right left middle right left right middle.... and that is just to do a protrution, put them all in the same place and standardise the done middle mouse click back to always done ok please. and what is the point of the placement define click in protrusion, all it dose is open another menu to ask you to define the placement logical - not, intuitve - never, please make the sofware user frendly not logical and programmer friendly


New member
keith, you are absolutely right.... and i totally agree with you. the number of mouse picks and the movement has drastically increased and is now a pain.

for example, if you are in a sketch mode of an extrude protrusion command and you wanna cancel the command, you need to click the "do you want to cancel ? yes/no" three times to finally get out of the command, which seems ridiculous.

also the icons, that are really meant to help, actuallymove around a lot. that is when you are inside commands, the position of the icons keep changing which is not good. i'm fast and i click on the icons (like regenerate, erase from session, fillet, chamfer, etc) before the part regenerates the present executed command. you know what i say....

is there a way to switch off the preview mode while selecting surfaces ?? and what with this selection procedure for the seed and boundary surfaces. if you have a big and complex model and you are trying to use this command, you'll go crazy if you need to pick boundary surfaces which are all around the model. as soon as you let go theShift button to rotate the model, Proe goes into preview mode to show the surfaces selected which slows down the whole process.

there are lot of issues with wildfire which are directly impacting the usability of the software. the newer versions are supposed to help the user, but in case of wildfire i feel thati have started to work on a whole new s/w and has retarded my progress.. i would simply love to go back and work on proe-20 or 2000i.....
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