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memory allocation for analysis


New member
I am new here

please is there anybody who can help-

I have following configuration PIII 700MHz,256 MB RAM, I have problem with memory allocation during calculating of simple structure analysis like beam loaded with two powers and torque moment-system always give me answer like: ...fatal error ,not enough memory for calculation etc..I tried to increase up memory allocation in mechanica, but still is problem there

you might want to check you HD for space, FEA will out put files of over 100Mb sometimes.

Also check your swap space, remember to keep uper and lower limits close to within a couple of Mb & NT will only support 2Gb of RAM.

RAM allocation is 48Mb by default and can be changed to upto 128Mb or half the machines RAM. changine this does not always help.

I would also check your constraints, just incase.

Bigger and more is better when it comes to Mechanica. Mechanica can consume massive amounts of RAM. I would say the system you have is probably a little under powered for Mechanica analysis from my experience. You can never have too much RAM! Also you didn't say what OS you are running...that can make a difference also.
I have had similar problems, running an old Celeron 433 with 128 MB RAM, running Windows 98 SE. (PC and OS to be upgraded to something more suitable soon!)

I find I can run smallish problems OK (like the Pro/Mechanica SE Tutorials), but I have to DECREASE the amount of RAM from the default 48 MB DOWN to 5 MB or 10 MB or so. (I don't actually understand why this is so - I was just fiddling with the settings, and it seemed to help, even though the manual recommends setting RAM to half of actual RAM or similar. This probably works fine when you have enough RAM, but maybe it is bad advice if your system doesn't really have enough grunt?) If I try to run medium to large problems, I seem to run out of RAM all the time.

I suspect the problem is partly due to basic lack of RAM in my PC (Windows, Pro/E and Pro/M are probably chewing up most of my 128 MB already, before I even start the analysis), and also Windows 98's memory management is probably not as good as Windows 2000 / XP.

Things to try that sometimes help me:

a) Before launching Pro/E & Pro/M, kill everything else that is not absolutely essential. I use a little utility called EndItAll - it's amazing how many programs may be running in the background that you know nothing about!

b) Exit Pro/E altogether, then re-boot before trying a major run - I suspect that on Windows 98 at least, loading and editing several models etc doesn't seem to free up all RAM when required. I often get better results if I start my analysis from a clean start.

Hope this helps.


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