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memory allocation for analysis


New member
I am new here

please is there anybody who can help-

I have following configuration PIII 700MHz,256 MB RAM, I have problem with memory allocation during calculating of simple structure analysis like beam loaded with two powers and torque moment-system always give me answer like: ...fatal error ,not enough memory for calculation etc..I tried to increase up memory allocation in mechanica, but still is problem there
What operating system are you using? I had similar problems, running Pro/M Student Edition under Windows 98 SE. My PC is just a Celeron 433, with 128 MB RAM. Eventually, I got it to run smallish problems by REDUCING the amount of RAM requested down to about 10 MB. I still have trouble getting large models to run. I suspect it has something to do with Windows 98's primitive memory management system, and I am hoping for better results when I upgrade to something with a bit more grunt, running under Windows XP.

Hope this helps!
I'm using NT 4 service pack 6, I have no expriences with XP

When I set mem allocation about 10MB system always crashed down

I don't understand this...

This reply may be a little to late but here are my 2 cents. You should not alocate more that half of the total Ram you have in your computer in your case should be 128Mb. ALso you may want to increase the swap space in your computer to at least twice the amount of RAM memory you have (512MB). I hope this information help you or anyone in this forum.



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