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Mechanism Tutorial help


New member
Has anybody viewed the Pro-Engineer tutorial's on mechanism lately, I need to learn mechanism and i really don't have time to fly across the country and take a one day class, has anyobdy out there viewed the PTC tutorials on mechaism? I've tried todefine some link bars in pro-e and my part does not even move any more. So can somebody guide me in the right direction.



New member
sarav_design, your tutorial referred some parts that you haven't attach.

Will be greatfull for a full version of it (with parts).


my advice for learning mechanism is to get a list of all the connection
types. and work out where you would apply them in real life. ie a pin
connection would be like a bearing... planar more like a linear
slide etc..

once you get your head around which parts require what connectiosn then its much easier.