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mechanism could not be assembled


New member
is there any pescial rule that we need to follow while doing the analysis? i understand that we cannot have 2 motors using the same joint axis running at the same time, but even if i these 2 motors back to back, it gives me the error message. is there any solution to this? i have 2 motors using 1 joint axis, both at opposite direction and my analysis ask motor 1 to go from 0 to 10 and motor 2 to run from time 10 to end.
Usually with the mechanisms the common mistake is when you try to assemble one part with two joint connections using references from different parts. You must allways select only surfaces, axes, datums etc. from assembled part and reference from mechanism part.


hi skraba, my problem now is not the whole mechanism that cannot be assembled. it only happen on one frame the moment the movement change direction. and if i ignore this error, it continues to the end of the analysis. some of my animations just works perfectly but don't understand why this one gives an error at that point.

sometimes the problem is with joint references and joint limits.

If you drive your mechanism with servomotor, you don't need joint limits since servomotor's parameters itself define limits of the mechanism. Speed and rate = path.