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Mechanica keeps crashing

Uni Phil

New member
I'm using WF and everytime I try to look at the rusults of FEA (structure mode) mechanica keeps crashing.

It was crashing before but not as often but now its all the time.

Could it be my settings or maybe my graphics card (matrox g450 32Mb)

Cheers for any replys

Luis Aguirre

New member
Uni Phil,

You may want to update to the latest version of Wildfire. Also check to see if you graphics card is OpenGL compatible. If it is set the option graphics in the config.pro to opengl or worst case to win32_gdi. Beware that win32_gdi will slow your graphics but may allow you to view the results.



New member
I have the same problem using Wildfire2.0 datecode M150. I have stress and deformation results but as soon as I want to create graph of convergence the program crashes. The graphic setting in config.pro does not change anything.

Luise, what is the datecode you suggest? Thanks. Ferincz