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MDX Tutorials


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where can I find tutorials of mechanism design. Also I need some completed projects/ assignments related to MDX in commercials versions of Pro engineer 2001 or i2.

thanks in advance
That was very old posting more than two years back. Now I have lots of tutorials of MDX as well as MDO.

Now I use Wildfire 2.0. Anyhow thanks for reply, Salman.

was wondering why israr would want help since he is the one who is
always helping everyone:) i dare say few in this forum could help him
out if he was stuck :)

but while on the topic of tutorials :) feel free to send myway :)

always keen to learn :)

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Hi there,

I am looking for some tutorials, books etc on MDX. I searched online but could not come out with a book dedicated to MDX. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks much
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wow, it took so long xcad to appear again

christos, can we count on next, good tutorial in Mcad Central?


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