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Mazak Integrex 70YB postprocessor


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Talking about postprocessors, any suggestions about this one? Trying to machine some large screws (7 dia), and we can only rough them, but not finish them.

Could you be a little more specific. Is the postprocessor that is not outputting the correct threading sequence or is it in pro-man where you have a problem. Also which type post processor are you using?

Are you using Nc-post (Icam/Campost) or G-post
Sorry it took so long to answer, but with the power outage... The operation is a 5-axis milling tool path. There are inconsistencies on the tool path that generates undesirable erratic motions. Please see picture- it is not a threading sequence, and we are using G-post.

Other info: Fusion G40T control; XYZCB controllable axis.



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please read at: -> page 36

Company: Holroyd

They have the most corect technology for you kind of stuff.

and the guy's from ... I guess can offer you something nice for training.

- By the way in your solution ... you take too many chances to vibrations on tool and you will never reach a perfect shape for involute, and don't have any expectations to match the radius.

and not on the last ... my appologizes for missing to call back


Why five axis? Do you have the capability of using a form tool and turning your five axis nightmare into a four axis program? By the looks of the picture you should not need the fifth axis if you are using a form tool to get the side profiles cut. With a form tool, you should be able to simplify your programming quite a bit.