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Maybe you'll know how!


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I have a single drawing file creating a complete folder for the production. this file use relation and pro/program to create via parameters, all the neede drawing and the bill of material (by also controling layers). The enterprise just made the buying of a new MRP software to control the inventory, and we want to take the text inside bill the material to be convert as Excel file to control inventory.

if someone know how to save text include in a table of a pro/e drawing as Excel or an other software...please guide me

If you are running 2000i2 or 2001, you can go to the family table and go up to: File/Edit with Excel, this will open up an Excel document of the family table contents. From their you can save the Excel document as whatever. Try that, I think it will work. Let me know.
Thank a lot eServ but, we don't use a family table is a simple table create in drawing mode...thanks anyway

(and i'm on pro/e 2000i
Sorry about that. I've heard from somone before that you can take a table in a drawing and convert it to an Excel document, but I haven't figured out how to do it.
Try this: (Works in 2001)


Then select the table and give the file a name.

From Excel, select FILE > OPEN

change the file type to ALL FILES and select the file you just stored in Pro-E.

It will import it into spreadsheet form.
GOOD TODDHAMMER!!!!!, you show me something verry useful. but the problem reside, in this table i move notes in empty cell because i can't controle the content of a cell by layers so thoses notes (parameter driven notes like &XXXXXXX you know) don't transfer in Excel.
Try controlling the content using Sim Reps rather than layers.

If you are using IntraLink then what you are wanting can be done using Toolkit.

If not using ILink then you need to contact PTC and have them write you a program for the translation.
Thanks msexton, i'm not familiar with yours topics (sim reps, Intralink, Ilink) but i'm going to search about it!

If there's anything you trap in, just ask...

Thanks a lot, Cole!


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