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maximum draft angle in Wildfire

Nose Bleed

New member
I noticed in the 2001 release that the maximum draft angle was bumped up from 3 degrees to 30 degrees - Does anyone know the maximum angle in WildFire?
Wazzup, G??!! (sorry, I couldn't help it)

I was told that it was 3 degrees - I'd better question my sources, source again :) Then again, maybe I misunderstood!

I agree - why in the world would you need a 30 degree draft angle? In order to pull a mold, without it peeling normally only requires a 2-3 degree angle.

I haven't done that many molds, so maybe a 30 degree is used a lot in other industries besides mine.

I guess if you're modeling a cup you might jump up to 10 degrees? But that's out of my world of experience...