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Math in mechanism design


New member
Hi everybody.

Does anyone know if it is possible to make a mathematical treatment of the results from an evaluate feature in directly in pro/E 2001 mechanism design?

Specifically I'm looking for accelarations of the cam follower in a cam assembly. I use a distance measurement between centers and would like to differentiate the results to know the acceleration as well- preferably without exporting the data into Excel.


Soren in Denmark


you know can get pro- to accelleration graph of that profile for u .

after u simulate the motion.

the click on the icon which looks like 2 graphs, which is below the play button

"measurements and results"

then click on "create new measure" - and u will find acceleration in there along with lots of other goodies.

all you really need to do is specificy a point that u wanna know the acceleration .. etc of.

hope thats what your after


New member
Thanks Puppet.

You're absolutely right that's what I am looking for. For some reason however this feature doesn't seem to be available in our ageing pro/E build. I can make measures of curve length, distance, diameter, angle and the like but not acceleration.

Can this be an issue of our old'ish pro/E version? (I am told that we're waiting for WF2 before upgrade)

Seems we may have to use Excel in the near future.

Regards Soren