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Materials and Parts in Modeling


New member
Is there anyone who has experience with materials and parts data for Catia V5 R15 SP3. I am creating my own materials data within the Part and Modeling and want to know if there is a better way of doing this? Does the Matlib reside inProduct or Config. I have not loaded the whole program and another person told me there should be a materials data library within V5. What is it called and where is it?I have 120 products and 30 configs but can't find anything saying CML- Catia Materials Library or Matlibetc. Where does one get a reasonable Catia file translator for development with other CAD programs? Where does one get a reasonable Parts catalogue like Partspec for Catia other than Trace. I am in Sydney Australia not Seattle so where a bit far from the action. Please respond to this forum or email to [email protected]

Also seeking source of MSC Simdesigner for V5 and other MSC
With a normal install, look in C:\Program Files\Dassault Systemes\B15\intel_a\startup\materials.

You need to set the files for materials to be modifiable when opened in
a part or open them as a part file and modify or add and save.

You need to spend some time in the documentation under Infrastructure and Administration.


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