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Material Database Files


New member
Every time I need to enter a speed and feed, or just find the mass of a part I need to enter the required data in manualy.

ProE always ask me to locate the .mdb file, but I dont know where to start. Are they an option that needs to be purchased? Or where they just not installed.?
Forget about mdb. you need to create it yourself and it does not define any technology.

Create yourself mil files if you want to reuse data.

But I would sugest next two ways:

1. prepare operations with NC sequences and export XML. Next time when you need the same type of technology to be used on one type of reference model, you simply import XML and it makes operation for you

2. with use of Pro/WEB-LINK you can create mfg templates for wildfire browser, where you only choose preset technology for one type of for example electrode milling. Then you just pick the type of your ref model and add some references (operation name, csys). Pro/E does everything for you according to the template. (I am attaching a picture of how it looks like).

View attachment 215

I know it sounds like it is just for hackers but especially the first way is very easy (just put the option output_mfg_xml on yes in


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