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mate angle align angle


how come i am not always offered alignment /mate angle in a assembly.?

1st time every i want something mated @ a angle and i can not seem to get the option


New member
I have the same problem - I don't always get the angle option and I don't know what I'm doing differently when I do get it.

Any suggestions? TIA.


New member
Hi, If you have one of your constraints as insert or axis align. You will get mate angle/align angle.

Please note that mate angle/align angle is not possible perpendicular to the axis aligned, It is possible along the axis. (Just imagine a pin located in a hole and rotated-angle)

hopeI am clear. Best of Luck.



New member
I have only recently tried this. Two things I noticed that increased my possibility of success. First, If pro thinks the surfaces are inline, angle may not be an option. Second, select surfaces instead of planes.


New member
Hi, I found this by pure chance in proe2001.

If you assemble a component using and axis alignment of insert, and a mate/align. If you want to control the angle add an other mate/align and orientate the part to any plane/surface on the assembly (set the type to orientation). This should then fix the component.

Now, redefine the previous constraint and click the arrow box on the assembly reference. You can now select another assembly reference but also you now have the option to create a datum plane on the fly.

Hey presto you can now create a datum reference at any angle you require.

Hope this helps,


New member
aline angle and mate angle is tricky.

First start with a aline use axis or surface they work about the same. next for the angle constant try to pick datums that belong to the part you just inserted to and also try to pick datums that go though the center axis of the parts.

you have better odds of getting itto work

If this dose not work try different combinations.

some time your stuck with a make datum.View attachment 587