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Mapping JPEGs in Photorender


New member
When I map a jpeg onto the walls of the photorender room and remder the scene, the jpegs never show up. Before I render the image they appear fine, but after the rendering has been completed, they either do not show up at all, or render as an ugly blinker light (contained in Proe's default graphics library). Does anyone know how to fix this problem?


Yes I checked the box render room. I'm trying to render a car, quite a large assembly. When I render individual components the jpegs work, but not when i try to render the entire car assembly.

I noticed that when i render a single component, the room is not much bigger than the size of that component, however when i render the car assembly the room is far far larger than the car. I've tried decreasing the size of the room with the room editor knobs, but the jpegs still don't show when i render the image. This makes me think that dougr is correct, but i don't know how to decrease the size of my rendered image, as he said. Can someone help me with this?

I'm not too sure about decreasing the size of the image but it sure does sound like as if your computer is not capable of handling all that processing power to keep up with the rendering. Instead of trying to decreasing the size of the image always, why don't you try adding a graphics accelerator card, or may more video RAM etc to your computer?