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Mapped networked drives?


New member
Is it absolutely necessary to map a network drive to point to formats, dtl's, tables and other data like start_parts and start_assy's?

I would like to point to this information in INTRALINK.
I would say yes because I think this is the easiest way, as INTRALINK is a data manager you need to check parts out befor you use them and you can start Pro/E without INTRALINK.

If you have INTRALINK accross a LAN and several work stations you can have one folder where you keep the DTL and friends. Then when Pro E is fired up the config will draw on the data that is in this company standard folder, you can make it copy to a local drive too.

The templates are best put into the 'pro/E load point'\templates

Then the user can start a new part from Pro/E and use the same template that would be used in INTRALINK.

best of luck, being very flexable means you can flex it into a right pickle!



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