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Many Surfaces


New member
I've 2 skis that I need to modify, the surfaces for eachare on the same layer.

I didan analysis, logical, children for one ski and after no showing all faces, recalled the ones just for the parent, . <like about 50 faces>

Is there an asteric command, like *sur, exept one that picks all faces just for one ski? Like maybe (in no show, going to show) <show> *ski10*fac10 ? something that will only show the faces for one ski?


I have 2 different skins. There are about 200 faces that make up the skins. The faces are all on one layer.

To mod a skin (the way I do it), I blow it away. Modify the faces or surfaces then recreate the skin.

The problem was to have only those surf and faces for that one skin in show, so that I can manipulate them.


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