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manual dimensioning (2001)


New member
Hi Everyone,

The problem I have is I want to manually dimension an angle off the centre of a hole within a part. Now, I've tried using a draft construction line, and then tried dimensioning from that line to the angle edge of the model, no go, Pro E, throws up a message saying, 'COULD NOT CREATE DIMENSION, ENTITIES MUST BELONG TO THE SAME VIEW', could somebody explain what this means, and whether there is better way of creating this sort of dimension. Oh, by the way the hole is a slot and has no axis through it, is this a method?


'COULD NOT CREATE DIMENSION, ENTITIES MUST BELONG TO THE SAME VIEW' - This means the draft item is not related to that view.

To do this,

Views | Relate View | Add Items > Pick view & draft items to add

If the slot is extruded, you could add an axis in the model... In the 2D sketch,

Sketch | Axis Point

Click for the position of a new axis - this will be extruded with the feature.

An alternative is to create datum curves in the model - these can be related directly to model geometry.



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