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Managing large assemblies


New member
I work with large assemblies along with 4 others. The data is stored
at a common location. It was fine till all started working on the same
assembly file and the one who saved the file last would find it as saved.
The others lost their work. Can any one suggest how can we still proceed
without Intralink.
Also is it possible to know the drawings and assemblies associated to a
particular part.



New member
We work with large assemblies as well. And we haven't figure out the way to update all changes when every body have the assembly in seccion. We think it's imposible. On less we create subassemblies then only one person work with the big assembly. Becuase it will save the changes for the person who save last. If there a way to do this pleaselet us know. thanks.


New member
I'm afraid that's the way Pro-E works, be it using Intralink or not..

Alto u can locked it from editing via Intralink, but then your other users are not able to update at the same time.

In fact, that's also the way general softwares work, it'll be a whole mess if all users are updating at the same retrieval.

Btw, in WF2 there is a Design Conference feature, whereby not every designer can 'work' at the same time, but by handing over & dedicating 'ownership' over a design conference, this enable one update at a time, but multiple designers are able to work in a single assembly in a consequential manner.

I don't know whether this helps!
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New member

if you guys are working on a single assembly, all of you cannot work, make changes or modifications on that assembly at the same time and have it all saved. maybe one of you guys should do any changes to the assembly, and others though working in the same assembly should only make changes to the components of that assembly and save changes only to those and not the main assembly. this is logical too.

the problem is not solved even with the use of intralink, as skydancer has rightly pointed and Design conference may be a good solution. i have not used that tool however.


New member

There may be a semi-work around that could help. It really depends on how the assembly is being used. Try the "save objects" config option. As I said it depends on how your assembly is created and is being used. Any assembly modifications will need to take precedent over any other changes. But if the assembly has components assembled by default and no other links and/or external refs the "save objects" config might help out.

I did this years ago before PDM or Intralink were even written. We had four or five guys working on the same assembly even though we needed to do strategic saves, the save objects optionhelped.