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Making config.pro read only????

I guess you have your 'config.pro' in a network drive and everybody read from it.

We've set it up to have a master 'config.pro' in a network drive and protected.

Everyone has 2 'config.pro' file in their local drive.

One in \proe\text\, this is copy of company master.

Second one in their working directory, this is for them to modify, ie add their own mapkeys and have other settings changed.

Whenever we make a change to master 'config.pro' we post a message to everyone to run a batch file that will copy master 'config.pro' and overwrite one in \proe\text.

Hope this helps.


New member
What we do is, in the text directory, put a config.sup (renamed config.pro) Our batch file to load pro/e automatically copies the company standard config.sup to the text directory every time we start. This allows users to have their own config.pro for their own mapkeys and settings in a config.pro file and not make them change the company standard


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we are doing something like this too, in another way... we have cnfig.pro in the network (what we call the global configurations). then we'd have a batch file that copies all the config files from the network from the network location to the text folder before launching proe. by doing this, we are able to make sure that the config.pro file in all the proe terminal are up to date everytime they start proe. of course that everyterminal will have a local config.pro file for their project essential options..

hope this helps...