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Making a mirror in assembly mode.


New member
Dear All,

Properly I have been overlooking something but whenever I create a
mirror, the mirrored assembly get's not updated whenever I update the

Could this be that the mirror tool is not a mirror tool but a copy tool
(It really says mirror)? Or is there a hidden button to update my
mirrored assembly?

Attached a sample of what I am trying to do.

The wing part on the right is the origional, the part on the left should follow everything I do on the right...

Hopy I clarified myself correctly...


RiesView attachment 1191


New member
I just found myself into a other intersting problem.

I think I know how to do it with my above prob. When making the mirror
in assembly mode I n need to set the parts to 'reuse' instead of
creating new parts...

My currently prob now is that in one of my parts my mirrored datum
plane starts to float above my wing with 5.3 inches. Whatever I do, I
just cannot make it flush with the my origional plane. Event if I
create a new one and use my plane from my top-lvel assembly and set the
distance to 0....

Odd...or not?

View attachment 1192