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macro to project 3d point to sktech


New member
I have 3d point and wanted to project it on to sketch with face support. I wanted to find the coorindates of the projected point

Here is the macro I am using but getting error as

GetCoordinates not support by the object


Sub CATMain()

Dim partDocument1 As Document

Set partDocument1 = CATIA.ActiveDocument

Dim part1 As Part

Set part1 = partDocument1.Part

Dim bodies1 As Bodies

Set bodies1 = part1.Bodies

Dim body1 As Body

Set body1 = bodies1.Item("PartBody")

Dim sketches1 As Sketches

Set sketches1 = body1.Sketches

Dim reference1 As Reference

'Set reference1 = part1.CreateReferenceFromName("Selection_RSur:(Face:(Brp:(Pa d.1;1);None:();Cf11:());Pad.1_ResultOUT;Z0;G3055)")


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