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Machining tool path


New member
Hi everyone. I am an ME student at Clemson. I have an
undergrad position with a professor and my task is to teach myself Catia, among
other things. I have learned alot from you all and now I need to ask about the
surface machining work bench.

I am trying to create a tool path so that I can machine the part I have
created. The tutorial starts off by stating that when you enter the surface machining
too bench the part will appear surrounded by rough stock. I do not see
the rough stock and there is nothing written about any prerequisite. Is there
an operation to create the rough stock?


Fred Heckroth

Senior ME student

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Once a tool path is created, video simulation will automatically create a rectangular solidbox large enough so that the tool cuts something. Perhpas this is what you were thinking. This is not visible before entering video simulation mode though.
Yes you should be in surface machining if you need to machine a surface. I'd suggest you try Prismatic machining first as there are fewer things required to generate a tool path. Prismatic machining will do profiles at different depths. Surface machining will do more, but requires more knowledge to get started.

Maybe I'll send you a related file you need. I've been tried to solve your problem friend. Take it easy. I'll send it via your e-mail. It's being in process.

Would you mind to send me your e-mail address then i'll send it back of your request.
This my e-mail address
<br style="color: rgb(0, 0, 255);">[email protected]

Best Regards,

Hi Fred...........

I've been sent the file you requested through your e-mail

Hopefully, it would help you.

Best Regards,



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