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Machining a textured surface


New member

I'm working on a mold for a juice bottle on which we would like to add an orange peel texture over one surface, and machine it... (not just a decal) but a decal might work for presenting the idea.

Is there a way to do this in pro/E? to show a bumped surface on the part?.

If not, what program do you suggest to make it and then importing it to Pro/E and machine it? (Or machine an electrode based on it?)

I've heard of ArtCAM to do this but have no knowledge on it will it machine the part too? Or do I need Powermill for that?

Best regards, thanks in advance


You can add surface textures to your model. Go to View/Model Setup/color appearances and define a new color. In the Appearance Editor pick the Detail tab and in the texture area pick map. Apply a texture, save the appearance and then set the surfaces you want with the appearance. Shade the part and no texture! You also have to go to View/Model Display pick the Shade tab and turn on textures.

The above may have changed a little in newer releases.


New member
Instead of a decal use a bump map. You can create a bump map from a graphic using pro/e's photo editor. You can choose which surfaces to apply the bump map to, so if you have the machined features in the model just apply the bump map to the unmachined surfaces


New member

The Orange texture you can made on solid EDM. I don't see the point to try this in modeling.

Make your surface clean and tell to the operator what you need, build the electrode (he it will tell you what sparkgap is need for electrode). And your problem are gone.

For ... marketing use a texture on Photorender as dr_gallup say!


New member
I would like to know how you can make a solid electrode leave an orange skin that doesn't look like a rough EDMed surface, but instead looks like an orange.

I was planning on making an electrode with the texture, but I think I need the texture somehow translated to the electrode, unless you have a manual way of achieving this and I'm missing the point on your post...

Thanks for all the replies, BTW


New member
if you want a real orange skin on your surface, I can recomand only this: make your electrode with a + stock, and before that talk with one guy from a laser engraving.

Must be a way technological - before designing.

I saw this kind of surface 10 years ago, when I don't think somebody try to build a 3D model in mathematical way.


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