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Machine Building in V5 R19


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<DIV id=postText23778 =message>Hello, I am Building a 5axis machine by assembling V5 components.I can get machine built and can jog axis X,Y,Z A,B and C but cannot get Cartesian tab page of the dialog box to appear.The Help files state that"The Cartesian tab page of the dialog box appears only if the automatic assignment of the inverse kinematics solver is successful" so I am not sure why this is not happening, Any help would be appreciated.
Update on "Machine Building in V5 R19" The machine I am Building is in fact a 6 Axis machine.The machine does jog OK but all of the axis seem to be inverted.Z + axis movement is what - movement should be.all other axis seem to opposite of what they should be.&nb sp;


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