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loving career



I started my career on July 2nd,Cheap WoW Gold, 2008. It was such an exciting beginning in my life. I have worked in this new environment with full of energy and happiness these days.
I got to know some new colleagues. They were all kind to me, which made me relaxed a lot. Frankly speaking, I was a little nervous about them at the beginning, especially to some leaders. Cheap WoW Gold,Recently, I have learned some techniques from senior brothers and sisters. I found that they set a good example for me not only in professional , but also in personal levels.
One evening of last week, World Of Warcraft gold,a group of colleagues left company together heading homes except Jiaru who went to the rest room. At one moment, a bus was coming and we all hurried got on it one by one while Halley was waiting for Jiaru. Halley finally got on that bus and disappointedly said that Jiaru didn


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