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Lookin For Files of Car Bodies


New member
It's gonna be extremely tough if you narrow your search to such an extent! What do you need that specific body for?


New member
I wanna model a ram air set up through the front grill. I already have it on my Camaro.

I thought it would look cool to have a model of the front clip along with the model of the ram air to show its placement.

Any ideas on what would be the easiest way to model the front end? Im new at this. Maybe I could measure everything and try and model it.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance. :)


New member
I think you have the solution to your problem with you already. It would be the BEST if you measure everything and make it yourself. You're new therefore it would help you considerably in increasing your profiency in Pro-E. And besides it's better than surfing the net for months trying to find that specific car model.

Another advantage that you'll have in designing the front end yourself would be the relative dimensions. The model you would download (if you find it!) might not be to scale or exacting in nature w.r.t. the dimensions etc.